Preventative Maintenance

In addition to covering all types of breakdowns and service a unique service we provide for our customers is our Machine Condition Report:

The machine is checked throughout and each section documented with its relevant priority.
Recommendations for any repairs and maintenance are listed in detail in 3 steps:

1.    Urgent need of replacement, repair of adjustment.
2.    Must be repaired or replaced within the next 12 Months.
3.    Worn parts which could affect the accuracy of the machine but might not affect the production. In this case we would advise what action should be taken.

A detailed quotation for any required new parts can be supplied by the manufacturer and we will plan the required repairs to fit in with the customer’s production schedules.

The results of the machine inspection are listed in detail so that the customer can check at any time the machine condition from the last inspection report. We recommend that the machine condition report is carried out once per year.

Example: Schütte  SF 32

Overload Clutch

The overload clutch in this example is set to 190Nm. Should the machine, during running, come under mechanical load of more than 190Nm then the machine will register a feed overload alarm and the machine will stop. Every time this happens the clutch will wear until it reaches its limit (approx. 140 Nm)
At this stage the clutch must be overhauled.

Our machine condition report can predict this!!


Spindle Bearings:

The Spindle Bearings are the key to the accuracy of the machine. The bearings are so set that when the spindle’s are mounted in the machine they have a preload, axial and radial from 0,004mm to 0,005mm.  

Measuring spindle bearing preload at the customers factory.

The longer the spindle’s run at a high spindle speed, the more this set preload reduces this in turn affects the accuracy of the spindles. A typical example would be chatter marks on the workpiece or component variation.

Our machine condition report will show the wear progression of the spindle bearings and we can then predict when the bearings will need to be replaced!!

Our customers have reported that since working with this system, machine downtime has been minimised, preventive maintenance can be correctly planned to match production schedules and overall improvements to work piece quality.